A Petersen Museum Vault tour of history’s worst car failures

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In a visit to the Petersen Automotive Museum’s famous Vault, where the bulk of the Los Angeles institution’s cars are stored, here’s a tour of “The Worst Car Failures of All Time” hosted by Jason Hartwig, the museum’s director of education.

With an apparent encyclopedic knowledge of the more odd and arcane vehicles held in the Vault, Hartwig presents an entertaining look at history’s also-rans that were short-lived for any number of reasons, from wacky designs to bad business decisions.

3-wheels, cost, and many other factors went into these vehicles failing in the
industry,” the Petersen says in the introduction to the video. “All of them
were observed by the industry on what not to build and some were even shut down
by the automotive industry themselves.

“Discover the
stories of the Ruxton, Preston Tucker, Geraldine Carmichael and more. On this
tour, we ask ‘What were they thinking?’”

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